Ask yourself the following questions:

How valuable is my time?

Do I have the time to fully research carriers, types pf coverage and cost?
Do I know how to even get a quote from an insurance carrier?

What is the difference between carriers?

How do I compare one insurance company to another? What's the difference between a PPO, POS, or HDHP plan?

Copays, deductibles, coininsurance, out-of-pocket maximums...

How do these amounts affect my premium? Besides my premium, how much is my actual out-of-pocket?

Do you know what plan is best for you?

What are rich plans, what are leans? What does a catastrophic plan really cover?

Where can I find more information about my plan?

Who will help me with any issues such as claims, premiums or benefits questions?

Does my physician take my insurance?

How do I find out if my physician is contracted in-network with a carrier?

"With the growing challenges of health insurance, ranging from different types of plans to government regulation, a broker can help bridge the gap so your insurance is effective and efficient."

These are questions that you might ask yourself when starting to research benefits for your company

There are many more questions that you might have but without knowing the Ins-and-outs of the insurance industry, you may never be able to answer them for yourself of your employees


On a daily basis, we procure competitive quotes from all the top insurance carriers providing health and ancillary coverage to Colorado employers and individuals seeking assistance with their benefits and financial security

Our staff assists clients with claims and premium issues as part of the exceptional service we provide to both large and small employers as well as individuals.

Because of our “platinum” status with most carriers, we have direct contacts at the carriers that assist us and help to expedite issues to resolutions. 

Associates Health Group has the tools and skills to meet the needs of your business.

  1. Extensive industry knowledge
  2. Objectivity and independent assessment if multiple carriers
  3. The tools to educate employees.
  4. Expertise in planning, administering and maintaining business employee benefits and insurance solutions for all size companies
  5. Balancing of cost and benefit in design and assessment of plans
  6. Our agents are licensed and must meet continuing education requirements.

An Associates Health Group broker becomes your advocate for no additional cost.

Brokers generally provide their servies to small businesses at no cost. In most cases, brokers work on commission from insurance companies. There is no difference in cost – whether you purchase coverage through broker a directly through a carrier. In all cases, a broker should help you obtain the best benefits and coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Whether you call a carrier directly or use the services of a broker, the quotes you receive will be the same.

As you receive your annual renewal your annual renewal from a carrier, Associates Health Group has already begun to review the renewal and examine current products and rates with your present carrier as well as other carriers. We assist you in doing a “check up” of your coverage year and provide you with the knowledge you need to make a decision as to how to proceed for the coming year

Health Reform is on all of our minds these days,  As specific law changes are introduced, we will alert all our clients to changes that will affect them and the consequences of the changes.

As your broker, we are as important to you as your trusted banker, doctor, or even mechanic. We have the expertise and Knowledge you need and we share it with you at no additional cost. We are your resource library. We can save you time and energy. The Associates Health Group team is here to assist you – and we can help you with all the types of benefits and coverage that you might need.

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