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Additional Information About Individual Health Insurance

If you do not have access to employer-sponsored group insurance, you may want to buy an individual health policy from a private insurer. However, in Colorado – as in most other states – you have limited guaranteed access to individual health insurance sold by insurers. There are some alternatives to individual health insurance in the private market – such as COBRA coverage, state continuation coverage and CoverColorado coverage.

When do individual health insurers have to sell me coverage?

In Colorado, your ability to buy individual health coverage depends on your health status.

  • In general, insurers that sell individual health insurance in Colorado are free to turn you down because of your health status and other factors. When applying for individual health insurance, you may be asked questions about health conditions you have now or had in the past. Depending on your health status, insurers might refuse to sell you coverage or they may offer to sell you a policy that has special limitations on what it covers. If you are turned down or offered a policy with reductions or restrictions, you may be eligible for CoverColorado coverage.
  • In Colorado, newborns, adopted children, and children placed for adoption are automatically covered under the parents’ individual health plan for the first 31 days. The insurer may require that the parent enroll the child within the 31 days in order to continue coverage beyond the 31 days.
  • Under Colorado law, your unmarried, disabled child may remain covered under your individual health plan into adulthood. This applies if your child was already disabled and covered under the plan before he or she reached the limiting age for dependent coverage. You will be required to submit proof of your child’s continued disability.
  • If you are self-employed, you may qualify to buy small group health insurance as a business group of one.

What will my individual health plan cover?

  • It depends on what you buy. Colorado does not require health insurers in the individual market to sell standardized policies. Health plans can design different policies and you will have to read and compare them carefully. However, Colorado does require all health plans to cover certain benefits – such as mammograms, prostate cancer screening, and diabetes treatment. Check with the Colorado Division of Insurance for more information about mandated benefits.

What about coverage for my pre-existing condition?

  • If you are HIPAA eligible, CoverColorado is your only guaranteed source of individual health insurance.

Is there a maximum amount that the insurance will pay for each problem annually or over the lifetime of your coverage?How quickly does the company process claims?

To select the best insurance, you must consider your situation and that of any dependents. For instance, if you suffer from a chronic health condition, you should avoid purchasing insurance that excludes pre-existing conditions. If you choose an HMO or PPO, find out if there is a specialist approved by the insurance who can provide treatment. Some insurance plans have very low premiums, but have high deductibles, copayments, and many exemptions. These “catastrophic” plans provide little or no benefit for most medical problems. In addition, a catastrophic plan will not meet the requirements to request an exemption from the UIUC Student Health Insurance plan.